About MoneyTrack™

       We make a team having combined work experience of over 100 years! Having worked in deep-rural, rural, semi-urban, and urban markets of India and abroad, for all these years, we realized the need of affordable technology for Indian SMEs.

       This venture is part of ‘KyRo Software Services‘ a newly found software services company living the vision of empowering small and medium enterprises with the affordable web technologies and mobile applications so that they can have level playing field to compete under rapidly changing global business methods and models.

When we studied existing business models of SMEs in developing nations, especially those employing field workforce- salesman, collection executives, delivery vehicles or many more businesses having the need to do transactions away from owner’s sight, we noticed owner’s concerns like- Attendance of field executives, verification of amount collected, balance confirmation from debtors, expenses of field force, time they spend at work, free samples distributed, location of debtors etc. Largely record keeping / tracking is done manually and this limits the capacity of the SMEs to expand operations and grow.

       We believe every asset, every resource deployed by business owner makes his “Money”. Salesman in field is “Money”, collection executive collecting cash or cheque is “Money”, travelling expenses claimed by employees impact his “Money”, outstanding with debtors is his “Money” and all such business critical parameters makes his “Money”. Hence we developed this application to track all the monies of a SME business owner- MoneyTrack™.

       Founded by Ajay Ramani, an XIMB graduate having over 20 years of rich experience in distribution, manufacturing, retail and after sales service. Actually he denied much content on this page but we all here believe his expertise is a powerful gift that deserves to be shared!

MoneyTrack™ “No Place to hide!”

Our Vision

“We live the vision of empowering SMEs with affordable digital solutions”.

Our Mission

“Our mission is to help SMEs keep digital track of their transactions”

Our Values

Transparent working for better communities!

Use cases of employee tracking app

FMCG distributors, Telecom distributors, DTH distributors, Domestic Money Transfer distributors, Pharmaceutical distributors, Plywood traders, Garment wholesalers and many more businesses requiring to track their resources in field.

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